Free Mobile MFA for One Year

Ready to Go Beyond the Token?
Sign up for this special, limited-time offer, and get push notification, biometrics and one-time password from RSA SecurID Access for free. This unprecedented offer provides you with MFA licenses for 25 percent of your user base (for up to 500 users) AT NO COST FOR A FULL YEAR, beginning from the time you sign up. This offer expires on October 31, 2018. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to try our mobile authenticators for free and modernize your authentication strategy. Sign up today!

What You Can Do with Free MFA from RSA

Set Your Users Free and Save a Bundle
  • Go Beyond the Token

    What more incentive do you need to go beyond our beloved RSA SecurID Access token than a free MFA offer? You’ll see how easy it is to extend your authentication strategy to include more mobile authenticators using your existing RSA SecurID Access infrastructure. No need to rip and replace.
  • Authentication Your Way

    Don’t want to give up tokens? No problem. Our hardware and software tokens and our advanced mobile authenticators work together in mixed implementations, so you can get the right blend of authenticators to suit your users’ needs and your organization’s security requirements across a range of use cases.
  • Protect ALL Your Apps

    Use our mobile authenticators to provide your users with secure, frictionless access—anytime, anywhere—to cloud apps and on-premises resources. RSA SecurID Access bridges islands of identity, from the data center to the desktop and from the VPN to the cloud and beyond, and integrates with 500+ applications out of the box.

Got Questions?

  • Q: Do I have to be an RSA SecurID Access customer to sign up for this offer?

    A: There’s no better time to become an RSA SecurID Access customer. Contact sales to find out how you can take advantage of this offer.
  • Q: I’m already an RSA SecurID Access customer: How do I sign up for this offer?

    A: Contact your RSA sales rep and tell her you want to sign up for the “free MFA” offer.
  • Q: I’m an RSA SecurID Access customer with MFA licenses for 4,000 users. How many free licenses would I be eligible for under this offer?

    A: You’d be eligible for the maximum: 500 licenses.
  • Q: I’m an RSA SecurID Access customer with MFA licenses for 1,000 users. How many free licenses do I qualify for?

    A: 250.
  • Q: If I sign up today, for how long will I get my MFA licenses for free?

    A: You will get free MFA for a year, starting from the day you sign up. So if you sign up on May 1, 2018, your free licenses will expire on May 1, 2019.
  • Q: What happens when my free licenses expire?

    A: When your free licenses expire, the normal cost of our MFA offering will apply. See our pricing and packaging page or contact an RSA rep for details.
  • Q: What mobile authenticators are covered under this free MFA offer?

    A: Push notification, fingerprint verification, and one-time password are included.
  • Q: When does this free MFA offer expire?

    A: This limited time offer expires on October 31, 2018. Don’t miss out on this unprecedented opportunity. Contact an RSA rep today!
  • Q: Where can I get more information on RSA SecurID Access?

    A: You can try it out with the RSA SecurID Access Test Drive, watch a demo or download the 50 Reasons RSA SecurID Access Is the Best Choice for Modern Authentication – these are all great places to start! Our multi-factor authentication web page is also excellent resource.

If You Love Our Tokens, Just Wait Til You Try Mobile MFA from RSA

There’s no better time to try advanced mobile authenticators from RSA SecurID Access. With free MFA for a full year, you can provide secure access to virtually any application, from anywhere, with any device. Now that’s security and convenience. That’s multi-factor authentication from RSA SecurID Access.